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The Green Bay Vodka Story « Green Bay Distillery

The Green Bay Vodka Story

Green Bay Vodka

Every great town needs a great spirit. When Green Bay Distillery opened its doors in 2011, Green Bay did not have a liquor it could call it’s own. After carefully listening to each patron who walked through our restaurant’s doors, we set out to make a delicious vodka that Green Bay would be proud to call their own. that spirit is simply called….Green Bay Vodka.

We’re currently in phase two of our distillery operation plan. Phase two of our plan has us partnering up with a Wisconsin distillery to produce  our spirit line which currently includes original and Cherry flavored vodka. We also intend to develop whiskey and gin. Our spirits will be available for purchase through our gift shop. With your support and patronage we will eventually be able to move onto phase three of our plan which will have us building out a micro distillery on-site to produce all of our spirits in-house!

We hope you’ve found a spirit that will make you feel Green Bay and Wisconsin proud!

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